I am very grateful for your assistance in getting my manuscript in shape, and especially for your flexibility and willingness to work within a tight timeframe. You were professional and competent in our all dealings.  I appreciated your dedication to the work; I truly felt like you were invested in making it shine.  After your eagle eyes and polishing touch, I feel that much more confident that it is ready for publishing!  Thank you!

Alison Normore ‘Return to Panagaea’ November 2017

Without Veronica Knox’s developmental edit of my novel ‘Highway of Spirits’, I doubt it would have attained its favorable KIRKUS REVIEW

When I finished my manuscript, I thought it would be ready to self-publish after a cursory pass to correct minor grammatical issues. To my surprise and eventual gratitude, after Veronica’s overall assessment, it became obvious a serious rewrite was in order. She addressed structure, plot holes, tension, dialogue, and character arcs. I discovered that the complex story details in my head had not made it to the page.

Veronica communicates effortlessly from years of experience. She works fast and methodically. She doesn’t simply tell; we discuss. She suggests and provides examples and samples to make it easy to understand. The final decisions were mine. It’s definitely a process that requires diplomacy and a compatible sense of humor. 

Together, we worked out a fluid timetable of pay-as-you-go according to my budget. This meant no surprises of a final bill. We worked in increments of hours and I did my homework in my own time. Our working partnership was paced and spaced over months to suit the realities of two lives on a budget. 

She constantly focused on the big picture as she sorted out a common mistake – the story I knew inside and out was not fully on the page. Keynotes remained in my head. My novel was a jumble of puzzle pieces that didn’t quite fit together. The true opening lay buried in a much later chapter, and even after she found it, it required her steadfast coaching to make it sing. She drew my attention to the weakest links: talking heads, plot and character anomalies, sketchy settings, run-on sentences, dry dialogue, tons of purple prose. Under her guidance, passive writing became active. I completed a major rewrite turning an obscure protagonist into an heroic three-dimensional character. He emerged as a clear image – the lookalike of a famous character who had influenced his childhood development. Suddenly he made sense. The book gained an important back story and a focused theme. 

After that the elements fell into place because Veronica has an uncanny eye for the story that’s missing. Her probing questions made me look deeper into the emotional arcs of my characters. 

Before ‘Highway of Spirits’ met Veronica’s precision scalpel, I thought I had my writing act together, but – surprise, surprise! – I was mistaken. A writer is not automatically an author. It takes a great deal of practice and skill to turn an idea into a fully-formed novel.

I feel fortunate to have found an editor who is patient and relentless at the same time. While many editors deal efficiently with grammar and copyediting, it takes an experienced author of fiction to truly tackle the art of story. Storytelling is so much more complex than a clean manuscript.  

Veronica is a dedicated wordsmith who has seriously studied the craft of writing. She has written ten amazing novels. Her writing voice was nothing short of inspirational, for me. 

She is always supportive and open to follow up discussions long after the work is done. In fact, Veronica has become a valued friend and my go-to person as I market my debut novel and write my second. I now feel confident in calling myself an author.

I highly recommend Veronica’s editing and coaching services at SILENT K PUBLISHING. 

Remi Peter Baronas ‘Highway of Spirits’

Veronica is amazing to work with. She is knowledgeable and professional, had many great ideas for my manuscript, and is a joy to be around. I look forward to working with her in the future. I highly recommend her.

~ Tia Moshuk ‘Double Shift’

An idea with the power to vault itself across dozens of chapters is not going to finish smelling fresh, and though we may all enjoy fiction that arrives sweaty and grinning, if you are hoping to produce something more professional you will want to speak with Veronica.

I have learned something of my work each time we’ve spoken, and I can state without equivocation my latest effort has been immensely improved by her editorial input.

That is the true value of an editor, and that is why I work with Veronica; she has helped me improve my writing, and she has helped me improve my art.

~ Michael Leamy  ‘The Atheist Bible’

It was a pleasure to work with Veronica.   She accepted my
desire to work on a paper manuscript; many editors will not do this.  She
didn’t spare my feelings but told me exactly what I needed to do to make
the best novel I was capable of.  After editing the first 50 pages and
sending them to me, I quickly saw some of my less than useful habits.
Veronica granted me the time to edit the remainder of the manuscript and
resubmit it to her so she wasn’t continuing to correct for the same
errors.  This saved me money and, I think, kept her from going completely
crazy editing my work.

Pearl Gray  author of ‘ZABEL’

Silent K Publishing did a fine job editing my manuscript—now published. Dealing with SKP at a distance was no problem whatsoever.  The changes and suggestions were on-point and very valuable to me in getting my book publication-ready.  Follow-up communications to address any questions I had as I perused the edited manuscript were handled very smoothly by e-mail and phone. A good experience all around.

Roberta DeDoming author of ‘OUT OF THE BLUE: Musings on Sychronicity’


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